Virtual Respect Agreement Template

Once the class has entered into its contract and reached a consensus on rules, standards and expectations, it is important that each student signs their agreement. If you teach personally, you can ask students to sign a copy of the contract displayed in the classroom. To help students develop ideas for classroom standards, introduce them to a number of scenarios and ask them to imagine what they want when this scenario occurs, learn from a distance or learn personally. Project each scenario in a synchronized session in person or in a virtual session, and ask students to write down their ideas for each scenario. You can ask students for situations such as: The benefit of essential agreements is to create a culture of community learning, which is determined by learners in this community. Contracting is an effective strategy to make your classroom a reflective and respectful community. It`s the process of openly discussing with your students the expectations about how the members of the classroom interact with each other and with the learning experience. Because Fernlern strongly influences how class members communicate and connect with each other and their teacher, it`s important to create a version of your class contract that addresses the different circumstances of distance learning, so that students can feel engaged, valued, respected and listened to, whether you meet personally or virtually. I`m new to the application and the PYP. I am only 4 years old. But I see too many teachers (maybe even myself!) who give words in the air to the idea of the agreement, the idea that students are actively involved in the construction of such agreements. If we creatively creativity our students to find the chords that our class must have. It is difficult for us to let go of control and guide students to their promises, not ours.

Sometimes I feel the same way on the exam. Yes, the survey is often structured and must be structured, but do we "make" requests about what students are interested in, or do we simply find less obvious ways to get them to where we have already decided they should be? These two subjects were hard in mind when the school year starts where I am… A contract implies that all parties have a responsibility to respect the agreement.