Town Of Aurora Collective Agreement

In addition to compensation, the Aurora Police Association fought to increase other benefits in the collective agreement. We have proposed and won increases in the length of annual leave, personal leave, sick leave conditions, bulletproof vest allocations and other terms that improve the lives of our members. Apart from negotiations, regular cooperation with city and police personnel has led to simple but important improvements, such as for example. B seat belt extensions for Chevrolet patrol vehicles and rifle plate vehicles for public servants. Our APA Board members have played a key role on committees that impact the digital radio system and performance opportunities in the healthcare sector. Every two years, a bargaining team representing all Aurora police officers works with the City of Aurora bargaining team and elected officials to ensure the best conditions and benefits available to DPA officials. The Aurora Police Association served from 1972 to 2019 as a class compensation officer for the Aurora Police Service contract. For many years, this has led to predictable and healthy increases and increases in non-monetary benefits. The APA Board of Directors is constantly looking for ways to improve the collective agreement. Each trading season, we value the contributions of non-board members to our bargaining committee. In the negotiation process, the APA has always used the services of a group of highly qualified and qualified lawyers. Program Limitations: – The APA covers reimbursement for authorized armor, which is covered by the department.

No Western-holders, etc. – items purchased before December 1, 2019 are not eligible – members must submit to the APA a copy of the completed APD refund form and a copy of the initial purchase note. If you have any questions regarding participation in the Body Armor Allowance program, please contact our offices. The Great Recession of 2008 resulted in wages essentially frozen for two contracts. Fortunately, we did not accept any redundancies because of the 2 per 1000 recruitment mandate advocated by the APA in 1994. After this recession, we quickly accelerated our payment to essentially match that of the Denver Police Department, our main competitor for high-quality recruits..