Ssc Agreement

From the MS Office suite to network directories to computer systems applications, Microsoft Canada software has long been used by the federal government. This comprehensive agreement ensures that SSC continues to receive product upgrades and security patches and also provides officials with the tools they use on a daily basis: 5.1. Reseller purchases. Where the Customer purchases the Services through a Reseller, all payment terms (including, but not limited to, prices, billing, settlement, payment methods and late payment charges) are set forth directly in the Customer`s agreement with that Reseller, and these Payment Terms supersede all conflicting terms set forth in this Section 5. Customer acknowledges and agrees that SSC may commission external liquidators, which include Stripe and its affiliates from the date of the "last update" of this Agreement, to process Customer`s online payments under this Agreement and that such liquidators will be made available their payment information to assist us in processing your payment. 5.4. Outstanding Fees. If an undisputed invoice amount is not received by SSC by the due date, without limiting our rights or remedies (a) such fees may be due to default interest equivalent to 1.5% of the remaining balance per month or to the maximum permitted by law; (b) SSC may make future subscription extensions and order forms subject to payment terms lower than those indicated in point 5.3 (invoicing and payment); and/or (c) SSC may require the client to pay any collection or attorneys` fees incurred by SSC to collect the amount of the corresponding undisputed invoice.5.5. .

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