Special Agreement Adalah

Article 36, paragraph 1, of the Statute also provides that the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice covers all matters specifically provided for by the existing treaties and conventions. These questions are generally brought before the Court of Justice by a written motion to open the proceedings3; It is a unilateral document that must specify the purpose of the dispute and the parties (status, Article 40, paragraph 1) and, where possible, indicate the provision that the applicant renders the jurisdiction of the Court (rules, s. 38). When special agreements are invoked, members will find the collective agreement in the rules library of the members` portal. B. Malaysia presented evidence in the form of English legal evidence, namely the 1917 Turtle Conservation Regulation; Licensing sipadan ligitan fishing vessels; Regulation of the ornithological reserve in 1933 and the construction of torches in 1962 and 1963. They were all legal products of the British colonial government, not Malaysia. "States parties to this statute may at any time declare that they recognize the jurisdiction of the Court in all disputes accepting the same obligation, with respect to any other state that accepts the same obligation, as mandatory and without any particular agreement: the Court then declares that an objective measure in determining the ownership of the islands is to use the doctrine of actual occupation as a "knife of analysis". Two important aspects of determining actual occupation are the decision on the deadline or often the critical date and the existing legal evidence.

The critical date set by the International Court of Justice is 1969. This means that all activities after 1969, such as the construction of the station, have no legal impact. The court did not see any legal evidence until before 1969. In this context, it should be noted that the Malaysian Federation was not created until 16 September 1963, with Sabah as one of its states as a whole. It is understandable that almost all the judges involved have agreed to explain it.