Sample Physician Assistant Employment Agreement

(2)(c) benefit creditors or be subject to the management of their assets in any type of voluntary or involuntary credit proceeding; 4. The worker is not able, for any reason, to take out insurance for mis-treatment, through no fault of the employer; 5. The employee is suspended from civil or criminal penalties of Medicare, Medicaid or other publicly funded health programs; 6. A worker shall intentionally perform any act that damages the reputation or property of the employer or that affects the relationship between the employer and his patients or employees. If an employer wishes to terminate this agreement for any other reason, it may do so in writing within sixty (60) days. INDEMNIFICATION AND BENEFITS Indemnification Physician Assistant is paid for all services performed in accordance with the agreement of the Physician Assistant Remuneration Directive. Employee Benefits Physician Assistant may participate in benefits for workers, as provided, amended and supplemented by the M.D. Personnel Policy Manual. Holidays and absences 1. During the employee`s first year of employment under this agreement, the worker is entitled to two (2) weeks of leave. For each additional year of employment of the employee under this agreement, the worker is entitled to three (3) weeks of leave per year.

The holiday period will not be from one year to the next. The worker is not entitled to reimbursement for unused leave. 2. The planning of leave and other planned absences must be approved by the employer. The employer has the right to define a directive laying down the rules for the planning of leave and other absences. Professional contributions and expenses CME Physician Assistant is entitled during the term of this agreement to five (5) days of paid free time per year to participate in continuing education 1 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT This physical employment agreement is effective [ / / ] between M.D., P.A. as dermatology, employer and doctor, worker. TERMS OF CONTRACT–, M.D., P.A. The term of this Agreement is indeterminate, begins, but is subject to termination as provided below….