Sample Credit Terms Agreement

Here are some examples of payment clauses in legal agreements of different applications. If you have a SaaS app that allows customers to purchase subscription plans or pay regular fees at regular intervals (for example. B a monthly invoice), you should add clauses in your legal agreements that are discussing: Here are some examples of how single payment terms structure their payment structure clauses and the information contained. Often, users must enter credit card or other billing information before the start of the trial period and are automatically configured to be billed at the end of the free trial period if the user does not resign before. Dropbox contains a section of its terms of use entitled "Accounts Paid" for its payment terms. This is the "fee amendment" clause contained in the Kissmetrics agreement: some of these purchase conditions contain a reminder that the customer buys a license and a reservation of the right to impose the terms of that license on the customer if necessary. Another very user-friendly method to supplement the payment terms sections for your SaaS is to provide a FAQ. A refund policy is explained in the Salesforce agreement and users are advised that they cannot reduce the amount they have acquired during the corresponding subscription terms. Other important clauses contained by SalesForce in the MSA agreement include billing and payment information that informs customers of accepted payment methods and how billing will work.

Teleadapt has a completely separate "conditions of sale" with definitions of keywords used, liability restrictions and other detailed sales and purchase information. While customer payment information is included in Slack`s terms of use, the Billing FAQ really helps clarify the questions frequently asked by customers about how. B credit card information is updated, how billing works and how refunds work. Crazy Egg Terms of Use contains a "Fee" section that contains all relevant payment clauses. As with Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg contains an introductory section that broadly defines subscription terms for customers, including how prices are user-based.