Divorce Agreement Not Being Followed

The FMEP is a provincial government program that tracks and collects support contracts and child or spousal support contracts. If you do not follow part of an education or arrangement order, you could be in serious trouble. Try to sort things out to make life easier for yourself. Jane`s divorce decree allowed her ex-husband to see her children dine one night a week and every other weekend for a regular visit. The decree also stipulated that Jane should share educational materials and information with her ex and keep him informed of all medical problems. Once it is handed over by the relevant authorities, your divorce cleans up is an official court order. If you decide not to respect the agreement, your ex risks possible legal problems, including contempt. The good news is that you have remedies. It is not always easy, and it can take time and resources, but there are options there.

If you can prove that your ex-spouse is violating the court-ordered divorce decree, a judge can put her in jail as long as the contempt persists. Most judges give the culprit the opportunity to immediately respect the appearance he is infringing. In order to organize an initial consultation to discuss divorce rights for men with a Cordell-Cordell lawyer, including Omaha, Nebraska divorce lawyer Jamie Kinkaid, contact Cordell and Cordell. In some cases, you can enforce your divorce decree without going to court, simply by reminding your ex-spouse of the divorce decree and informing them that you intend to enforce your rights if they do not fix the situation. Your ex-spouse probably no longer wants to go to court to defend his non-compliance with the terms of the divorce decree, nor would you want to bring her to justice. Sometimes a simple conversation or written reminder is effective. It is complicated because there are all kinds of reasons why you do not follow education orders and agreements. For example: Your notice of child allowance and your final divorce decision should include a judgment on each amount owed at the time of order. If you need a new judgment to update what`s up to you, let a lawyer design the documents. Now, months or even years after the divorce settlement, your ex-spouse is not complying with the terms of the agreement or court order. What are your options? If your ex strongly refuses to follow the divorce contract and you can`t develop it otherwise, your situation may require legal action.