Commercial Cleaning Service Agreement

PandaTip: This model was designed to offer cleaning services on a flexible basis. This way, you can run services as needed and charge the customer according to the price table in the model (below). When setting up the contract, insert the following information about you and the customer: You can use a cleaning contract to tell your customer what types of cleaning they want to perform and what service and detail details to provide for each cleaning task. If you are a maid or an independent janitor, you can use a cleaning contract to manage your clients and keep your accountable documents. The offer of a properly drafted legal document guarantees your potential client your professional qualifications and ensures that you are legally protected in the event of a dispute over payment. A cleaning contract can be used to plan a recurring cleaning service (weekly, monthly, etc.) or a unique annual event such as carpet cleaning or deep spring cleaning. A cleaning service usually charges an hourly rate, so it`s a good idea for the customer to clearly define the work they want to do during your visit. In other words, a written agreement benefits all parties involved in the cleaning service, as all conditions of service are covered and can therefore be used in the future if necessary. The customer agrees to pay all invoices related to this cleaning contract within 30 days of receipt, unless notification of a fault or non-performance allows for a late payment. The service provider provides the above services as required and charges the customer an invoice as such. The payment is made at the address of the ISP (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly). Payment is due on the day of each scheduled service before cleaning can begin/after the clean-up is complete. Acceptable payment methods are cash, cheque or credit card.

13.In that one or more provisions of this Contract are found to be unenforceable, illegal or invalidated, it does not affect any other provision of this Agreement, and that agreement must be interpreted as whether the provision found to be unenforceable, illegal or invalid had never been included in the agreement, or that the unenforceable, illegal or invalid provision was to be interpreted, amended and/or amended, to be enforceable, lawful and lawful. This is all the more important because cleaning service contracts generally set deadlines. Calendars can be very important for the smooth running of a business, and a cleaning service contract formalizes these schedules and protects them legally. Finally, cleaning service agreements help employees manage records, which helps with a number of goals such as organization, accounting, etc. For these reasons, a cleaning service contract is an absolute necessity when such services are in effect. This agreement on cleaning services between – When establishing a cleaning service contract, there are some things to consider.