Aa.60 Agreement

Most unconsolidated and unbilled SMS comes from your roaming partners who abuse their roaming agreements. This is a fact and it is also a sensitive subject, as it can have a negative influence on relations between operators. To control roaming traffic, it must be monitored, but 80% of operators do not have the tools to do so. The second most important source of leakage comes from your SCCP providers – which data traffic also needs to be monitored. Many signaling service providers say they have a managed filtering service, but how does it really work? And it protects you at the national level? No, that is the right answer. The two scenarios above can be managed and managed by installing signal filters and SMS filters, but this is not enough. You need a market strategy. Last but not least – don`t treat your dealers as customers – treat them as what they really are – someone who assures you and brings you sales and who makes the turnover for you – in practice, they are an extension of your wholesale department – very specialized in what they do. For this, you need to be ready to share a piece of cake.

4. Price Strategy – Remember that the more aggregators you have, the faster the price will dilute to a one-digit margin and the incentive to work hard for you will gradually disappear. Never have a big delta between the international price and the domestic price – the rest insuring water will find its way and traffic will bypass your aggregators. You will lose control of your ecosystem, on which you have worked so hard. 5. Optimize your internal sales – offer the same price for your named aggregators. Designate internally a part that coordinates between the large account, roaming and interconnect, in order to avoid deindustrialization of prices. Always make sure your aggregator partners get the best price, otherwise you bite the hand that feeds you. 6.

Play with price and optimize it for your market. Listen to what they have to say. Find the right price for you market, where you have the most SMS at the best possible price. There is a nice spot in every market. Communicate clearly with your partners and give at least one month for price changes. Don`t be greedy by recharging too much – otherwise you risk creating a SIM box market and that`s not what we want! The price is never as high as 0.065 euros.